The 2018 General Membership Meeting this year focused on the many accomplishments of the past year and touched on goals for 2018. Volunteer Coordinators had a chance to speak about their projects including the new Player Safety and Community Outreach Programs. In an interview-style panel, Theresa Green, guest speaker and League founder, shared her story of how she started everything back in 1993. We hope everyone had a great time and welcome any feedback on this event and/or ideas for a future one! Email us at

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Player Safety Program

In an effort to provide more education about common hockey injuries and how to avoid or prevent them, Jennifer Lo and Jennifer Schwartz have teamed up to develop and implement the Player Safety Program. They will be providing safety tips, monitoring the implementation and documentation of the USA Hockey Concussion Protocol, and offering guidance for issues related to Player Safety. If you have any questions, please contact Jennifer Schwartz at

Community Outreach Program

Eula Idemoto is our new Community Outreach Coordinator and she wants YOU to join her team of volunteers! This program’s primary goal is to provide opportunities for NCWHL members to work together for positive impact on the community. Eula will be recruiting for her events in the upcoming weeks. Contact Eula at

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