Racially Sober Living: A Courageous Conversation Part 2

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Wednesday, Sept 9, 7- 8:30 pm
Racially Sober Living: A Courageous Conversation Part 2
In this second session of the series, we will continue building awareness and recognition of implicit bias in our daily lives, watch and analyze videos taken from social media, and discuss our responses from a Racially Sober Living lens. It is not important to have attended session 1 but those who did are strongly encouraged to return.
Speaker: Cynthia Billups
Co-host: Jenn Lo Chan (Red #28)
Cynthia Billups is a professional consultant/trainer/coach with specific emphasis on Eliminating Racial Disproportionality and Disparity, and Courageous Conversations in child/youth/family-serving systems. Her career began 30 years ago in grassroots community partnership work in San Francisco County as a family advocate. She is a former Technical Assistant with the Annie E. Casey Foundation’s Family to Family Initiative. She worked extensively over the years with Fresno County on the California Partners for Permanency (CAPP) Project, resulting in the finalization and implementation of the California Practice Model for child welfare. Ms. Billups is a Licensed and Certified Facilitator of Racial Sobriety via the Institute for Recovery from Racisms. She is currently the Head Deacon at City of Refuge United Church of Christ in Oakland, California (an open and affirming congregation under the leadership of Bishop Yvette A. Flunder). Cynthia has 2 adult sons, and 2 grandsons – ages 9 and 7, who are the best part of her life!
Jenn Chan has a wide range of professional experience including working in public/community health, higher-education, and for small businesses in the Bay Area. Before building a progressive career in management she was a health educator focused on women’s issues, and health/welfare issues for children, youth and their families. Jenn is currently a senior manager and improvement consultant/coach at UCSF and leads initiatives to advance organizational problem-solving and continuous improvement culture. Jenn is an experienced group facilitator, event planner, and is also a certified emotional competence trainer through Equilibrium Dynamics. She and her husband have two high-schoolers, a college freshman, and a 16-month old pug.

NCWHL Community Convos: Mental Health in the Age of Covid-19

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Wednesday, August 26, 7- 8:30 pm
Mental Health in the Age of Covid-19
Coping strategies and treatment options
In this session, Dr. Ellen Haller will discuss the mental health impact of this unique and historic pandemic and will provide coping strategies and information about treatment options.
About Ellen Haller
Ellen Haller, MD was a full-time faculty member in the UCSF Dept. of Psychiatry for 30 years before happily retiring in 2018 to play more hockey! During her UCSF career, she had various roles including Inpatient Attending Psychiatrist and Assis. Director of the Adult Inpatient Unit, Director of the WomenCare Mental Health Clinic, Psychiatry Residency Training Program Director, Co-Director of the LGBT Psychiatry Clinic, Director of the Adult Psychiatry Clinic.

NCWHL Community Convos: Better Performance Through Mobility

Here’s the link to the video and the chat.

Wednesday, August 19, 7- 8:30 pm
Better Performance Through Mobility

Learn how to assess your body and how to improve your mobility to maximize the way you feel and perform.

Join us for an interactive class that will show you how to assess your body from head to toe and give you strategies to improve your mobility.

Mobility training focuses on strength and control through all ranges of motion and has direct carryover to coordination, control, and overall performance. This session will focus specifically on the mobility of the hips.


About Grady Caldwell

Grady played baseball life and was named to an all American team in college. Unfortunately, his baseball career came to an end after college. Like many student-athletes who complete their collegiate journey, the drive to train their minds and bodies doesn’t cease when their chosen sport and academics end. Grady continued to explore his own health and fitness while pursuing a career in Personal Training and Coaching. He developed a new passion for helping others become the best version of themselves through proper training and nutrition. Grady went on to obtain professional credentials from the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM CPT), Precision Nutrition (Pn1), Functional Range Conditioning (FRCms), KINSTRETCH Level 1, Functional Range Assessment Specialist (FRAms) and United States Weightlifting (Sports Performance Coach).

Through his many years of training, Grady has come to learn many keys to success. Frequent quality movement, well-structured exercise programming, whole-food-based nutrition, and establishing a few key lifestyle habits are vital for long term consistency and success. He started Caldwell Training with the mission to educate and coach how to obtain your best health, fitness and performance through exercise, nutrition and lifestyle. He works with a wide range of clients from sports performance, to corporate executives wanting to be in optimal condition, the weekend warrior, and those looking to improve the way they look, feel, and move.

Grady is married to Kayla Caldwell, Red, #79. Grady played street hockey growing up and Kayla recently roped him into a season of coed ice hockey.

NCWHL Community Convos: Expert Witness

Here’s the link to the video and the chat.

Wednesday, August 11, 7- 8:30 pm
Injury Biomechanics in Forensic Investigations
Working as an Expert Witness

Are you fascinated by courtroom dramas? Do you watch “Law & Order” marathons whenever they’re shown on TV? Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be an expert witness? Come and chat with our very own expert in accident reconstruction and injury biomechanics! We’ll discuss typical aspects of this job, as well as interesting and unusual cases.

About Hanh Le
With nearly 20 years of professional experience, Hanh specializes in accident reconstruction and injury biomechanics. Her specific areas of expertise include analysis of motor vehicle crashes, falls, pedestrian impacts, and recreational activities. She has conducted numerous volunteer studies for analyzing human kinematics and biomechanical reconstruction. She is also experienced in full-scale vehicle crash testing to evaluate crashworthiness and occupant protection. Her additional testing capabilities include measurements of elevator acceleration, slip resistance related to walking surfaces, and loading or vibration in the occupational environment.
Hanh’s hockey career started in Boston where she was so lucky to attend college with a great rink – right on campus! She learned to skate, played “tripod” intramural hockey with her dorm, and then joined the women’s club team. Some of her best memories are carpooling with Susie Wee and Alissa Fitzgerald to summer hockey in Boston. Remember the maroon Buick and Subaru wagon?!? After moving to California for graduate school in 1994, Hanh joined the NCWHL and has continued to play ever since. She has also served on the Board as Secretary, Division Coordinator, and Vice-President.
REMINDER: No recording of slides during presentation, please. Thanks!

NCWHL Community Convos: Distance Learning

Here’s the link to the video and the chat.

Wednesday, August 5, 7- 8:30 pm
Distance Learning: Learn tips and tricks for enhancing your kids’ experience
Many of our families have questions about how to best ensure kids are successful as kids head virtually back to school. Join our seasoned teachers and principal in gaining some insight, perspective, tips, and tricks on how to improve your children’s learning experience while keeping your own sanity.

Annie Swenson
Annie holds a MA in Educational Psychology with an emphasis on learning and instruction. She has been a teacher for over 28 years, most recently teaching math to Middle School-aged kids. Annie is also a mom of four teenagers.

Anjali Kumar
Anjalie has been a teacher for 10 years, her most recent role is teaching 5th grade at within the CUSD. Anjali is lead for all Google sites and is the shared technical support lead for her school.

Pam Galano
Pam Galano has been in education for over 15 years as a middle school teacher and principal of all grade levels (PreK-12). She is a parent to 8 and 3 year old boys and is currently getting her Doctorate from SFSU focusing on supporting students with trauma.