NCWHL Community Convos: Kids and Covid

Here’s the link to the video and the chat.

Wednesday, July 29, 7- 8:30 pm
Kids and Covid

Our panelists will be discussing the positive and negative impacts of Covid on children.

Chelsay Showers
San Francisco Unified (SFUSD)
School Psychologist, M.S., Ed.S.
Blue Division #2

Annie Swenson
MA in Educational Psychology, emphasis on Learning and Instruction
Middle School Math Teacher, 28 years
Mom of 4 teenagers
Maroon #48

Pam Galano
Studying for Doctorate at SFSU focusing on supporting students with Trauma
High School Principal
Mom of 8 and 3 year old boys
Maroon #42
Pam Galano has been in education for over 15 years as a middle school teacher and principal of all grade levels (PreK-12). She is a parent to 8 and 3 year old boys and is currently getting her Doctorate from SFSU focusing on supporting students with trauma.

NCWHL Community Convos: Returning to Play

Here’s the link to the video and the chat.

Wednesday, July 22, 7- 8:30 pm
Returning to Play, A Conversation with Our Board
Join our NCWHL Board in an open discussion on what criteria to set for returning to safe play, potential timing, and other options for getting our skating fix. All members encouraged to attend!
Please email your questions and thoughts to so we can discuss.

Board Members
President: Whitney Kirschbrown
Vice President: Laura Rinde
Treasurer: Katherine Yoshii
Secretary: Lucinda Yang

Green Division: Amanda Anderson
Red Division: Andrea Tan
Maroon Division: Barb Weiss
Blue Division: Sheri Oberleas
Goalies: Nicky Robinson

NCWHL Community Convos: Racially Sober Living

Here’s the link to the video and the chat.

Wednesday, July 15, 7- 8:30 pm
Racially Sober Living: A Courageous Conversation

This courageous conversation/workshop is an opportunity to help us intentionally think and examine how racism continues to exist in our lives and what sustains it. Join us to increase our implicit bias awareness, learn how “racially sober living” supports better decision making and practice, improving our everyday conversations with ourselves and others. We are all important participants in the community of humanity.

Speaker: Cynthia Billups
Co-host: Jenn Lo Chan (Red #28)

Cynthia Billups is a professional consultant/trainer/coach with specific emphasis on Eliminating Racial Disproportionality and Disparity, and Courageous Conversations in child/youth/family-serving systems. Her career began 30 years ago in grassroots community partnership work in San Francisco County as a family advocate. She is a former Technical Assistant with the Annie E. Casey Foundation’s Family to Family Initiative. She worked extensively over the years with Fresno County on the California Partners for Permanency (CAPP) Project, resulting in the finalization and implementation of the California Practice Model for child welfare. Ms. Billups is a Licensed and Certified Facilitator of Racial Sobriety via the Institute for Recovery from Racisms. She is currently the Head Deacon at City of Refuge United Church of Christ in Oakland, California (an open and affirming congregation under the leadership of Bishop Yvette A. Flunder). Cynthia has 2 adult sons, and 2 grandsons – ages 9 and 7, who are the best part of
her life!

Jenn Chan has a wide range of professional experience including working in public/community health, higher-education, and for small businesses in the Bay Area. Before building a progressive career in management she was a health educator focused on women’s issues, and health/welfare issues for children, youth and their families. Jenn is currently a senior manager and improvement consultant/coach at UCSF and leads initiatives to advance organizational problem-solving and continuous improvement culture. Jenn is an experienced group facilitator, event planner, and is also a certified emotional competence trainer through Equilibrium Dynamics. She and her husband have two high-schoolers, a college freshman, and a 16-month old pug.

NCWHL Community Convos: Intensely Fun World of Gaming with Irene Brown

Here’s the link to the video.

Wednesday, July 8, 7- 8:30 pm
Intensely Fun World of Gaming with Irene Brown
Live demo and hands-on gameplay for participants
Come have fun and play in this hands-on convo for all types of gamers with our own Irene Brown, professional Twitch streamer, and Hardcore Girl Gamer. She’ll demo and discuss RPG, FPS, PVE, PVP, Multiplayer, and Co-op type of games while taking questions on various formats, platforms, and game types.
Irene will also have a giveaway to some lucky recipient from her merch.
About Irene Brown:
I grew up in Michigan and started playing hockey when I was 10yrs old. Played lots of street hockey before playing on the ice at age 12. When I moved from Michigan to California, I joined the league. I have played in the league since 2011, first in Maroon and then in Blue 2012. I took 2 yrs off with a back injury and started back playing in 2014. Two years ago, I started playing games on my PS4 and got hooked on The Division, which is a shooter game. My little brother introduced me to PC gaming and how it has better graphics than consoles. I bought a gaming pc a couple of years ago and got super addicted. He then introduced me to Twitch where a lot of gamers stream. I have met a lot of people on the Twitch community and so I thought I’d give streaming a try. Couple of months later, I became a Twitch Affiliate, which is a program that supports streamers in making a living and doing what they love to do. I don’t necessarily stream for a living. I stream because it is fun and fun meeting people around the world. About a year ago, I became a member of HGG (Hardcore Girl Gamers) which is a community of women in gaming. When I’m not on the ice playing hockey, I’m gaming with friends I met on Twitch from The Division community and you’ll find me on streaming games.

NCWHL Community Convos: Small Business, Stories from Owners & Entrepreneurs

Here’s the link to the video and the chat.

Wednesday, June 24, 7- 8:30 pm
Small Business, Stories from Owners & Entrepreneurs
Ever thought of starting your own business? Curious how to take an idea and build a product or service? Learn from successful small business owners and entrepreneurs as they discuss everything from identifying customers to figuring out payroll and hiring. Hear how each has weathered recent shelter in place orders and what they’re doing next.
Panel Discussion and Live Q+A
Amy Bradac
Amy has two decades of experience in the Architecture and Construction Industry. After a number of years of experience at an award-winning architecture firm, she left to gain practical experience in implementing design and administering construction at one of the premier independent construction companies in the Bay Area. She thought it would be only a few years before she returned to working at an architecture office but the work was so exciting and challenging that she worked as a Project Manager managing commercial construction for seven years. She now owns Bradac Co, a full-service design and construction management firm with a focus on excellent customer service. Her 20 years of experience as an architect and contractor give her the unique perspective of having viewed the industry from every angle, which makes her particularly adept at facilitating communication and moving projects forward on time and on budget.

Alissa Fitzgerald
Alissa Fitzgerald founded and bootstrapped her company in 2003 and now employs 10 people. Her company designs and builds custom micro electromechanical systems (MEMS), tiny silicon components that are used in products such as consumer electronics, smartphones, cars, medical devices, industrial equipment and even spacecraft.

Paula Riley
Paula and Gary, her husband own and operate Vanguard Motors in San Francisco devoted to service and repair of BMW, Mini and Porsche vehicles. Prior to working in the business for 20 years, Paula worked in Silicon Valley as a marketing manager in the semiconductor industry. Paula has played in the blue division of the NCWHL since 1995.

Ryan Greenlee
Ryan has spent over 30 yrs working with tech companies, primarily startups. He has led the delivery of over 40 products to market. He started consulting over 11 yrs ago and is available if you want to mature your software organization/department. His startup experience and education have given him experience and knowledge across other departments but your mileage will vary. With his sister, he started a real estate company, Gerry Holding, LLC, in 2013 which is still doing well. And last year he and his business partner started a software product venture, Rowan AR, LLC, building products focusing in the AR/VR space. It’s not a startup! All three ventures are active. Ryan also spends a good amount of time helping friends and members of minority groups via career coaching and mentoring. As well as being an active volunteer in NCWHL.