New Logo Jerseys Pre-Order

To commemorate the NCWHL’s 25th anniversary, we are excited to unveil new jerseys with our updated logo! If you would like to replace your old set, here is your chance to do so at a discounted price of $70.

New Logo Jersey Set – (originally $80) $70
Order Here: NCWHL Jersey Order Form

Existing skaters will not be required to purchase the new jerseys, but going forward, we will be transitioning to this new look.

cropped-ncwhl-logo-512.jpgCurrent Players with 3-Digit Numbers: This season, we have a LIMITED NUMBER of 2-digit numbers that have become available. If you currently have a 3-digit number and wish to request a 2-digit number, please make a note in the “COMMENTS & QUESTIONS” section of our order form and our Jersey Coordinator will get back to you. Please note that this is a one-time offer for upcoming season (Summer 2018) only.

If you choose to make this switch, you will be required to buy the new set at the current price of $70. You will not receive credit for your old jerseys. This offer is valid for skaters who are returning to their division and do not need to be re-evaluated.

Questions? Please contact our Jersey Coordinator at

2017 Holiday Tournament Wrap-up

43 skaters from the NCWHL, placed onto 4 mixed-division teams competed in a fun holiday tournament at Redwood City and San Mateo from Dec 27-30. All 4 NCWHL divisions were represented in the tournament and each team played 4 games each. The tournament was competitive, fun, full of good sportsmanship and great attitudes, and was a perfect way to fill in the holiday break from league games. Thanks to all tournament participants and organizers! Hope to see you out on the ice for a future holiday league wide tournament.

For the Love of Women’s Hockey

The NCWHL was able to participate this year in a special hockey event featuring a tilt between the US Women’s National Team and their arch rivals from up north. As exciting as the game was, it was equally fun to see all of the familiar faces from our League in attendance. Everyone was thrilled to have women’s hockey right in our backyard!

We held a recruiting event at the game to reach out to the prospective skaters and the response was overwhelmingly positive. League members came by in NCWHL jerseys to support the cause. We passed out fliers and got the word out about Give Hockey a Try Day. We hope to see some of that interest translate into more participants at GHATD and League registrations next season.

Thank you to all of our volunteers who came out and spent time with us at this recruiting event. Without you, none of this could have been possible!

Photo Credit: April Tse