NCWHL Community Convos: Covid-19: What We know, What We Don’t

Here’s a link to the video and the chat.

Friday, Nov 13, 7 – 8:30 p.m.
What We Know, What We Don’t,
& All Your Questions Answered (maybe)

Joanne Engel, MD. PhD, will discuss everything the general public might want to know about COVID that we have learned so far. Bring your questions – Joanne will try to have answers!

About Joanne Engel

Joanne Engel is a Professor of Medicine and of Microbiology/Immunology at UCSF, where she is chief of the Division of Infectious Diseases. She also directs an active research laboratory and is involved in graduate student teaching. During the COVID pandemic, her division has been instrumental in defining COVID-related policy, procedures, and treatment protocols. Outside of work, she is a hockey widow, an avid cyclist, and a co-parent of a 24 year old son.

NCWHL Community Convos: Find your inner musician

Here’s a link to the video.

This Friday, October 30 @ 7pm!

Find your inner musician
Learn tips on developing and recording your own music

About Archie Kinnear

Archie Kinnear was fortunate to be born in Scotland, Glasgow to be exact into a family obsessed with music. He was born in 1968, so the music was rich and inspirational.

Being self-taught for the most part, Archie found it easy to flip between most instruments, yes including Bagpipes, until eventually Archie stuck with guitar although he can play most things in varying degrees of competency.

Archie had some success with bands in Scotland and Madrid. He tried to live the life of a musician until realising that there generally is little money to be had anymore. He was fortunate to play with a couple of bands doing session work with a local recording studio and radio stations (Radio Clyde) which led him to recording and production.

Archie built my home studio to allow me to record a 4 track EP under the name of 7eventh Machine entitled Highwire.. available on all streaming services!! Archie’s long-time friend Paul sang, while Archie played all instruments and did recording and production. It took just over 6 months to complete the master and release.

NCWHL Community Convos: Understanding the 2020 Election

Here’s the link to video, chat and slides.

Friday, Oct 16, 7 – 8:30 p.m.

Understanding the 2020 Election

Interpreting data and rhetoric in a high-stakes political climateCutting through misleading information to make more informed decisions

As we near the 2020 election and wade through the associated barrage of political messaging, our brains are tasked with making sense of a tremendous amount of content. The high stakes of this particular election amplify how important it is to interpret this content accurately. Jen will share practical tips and strategies to avoid rhetorical traps, interpret confusing or misleading information, and draw informed conclusions.

About Jen Bland

Jen’s expertise in the intersection of data, rhetoric, and public policy stems from her graduate work and professional background spanning nearly 15 years as a social science researcher and consultant, with a particular focus on translating research findings across constituencies. Additionally, Jen is an unabashed lifelong political junkie with a degree in political science and substantial experience volunteering with local and national campaigns, and a connoisseur of all things satirical.

NCWHL Community Convos: Maximizing Our Nutrition

Here’s a link to the video and the chat.

Wednesday, Sept 23, 7- 8:30 pm

Maximizing Our Nutrition

Learn how to maximize nutrition and make the most of every ingredient. We’ll talk about nutrient-dense eating, meal planning to save money and reduce food waste, and more! I’ll demonstrate how to make sauerkraut. If you want to make some too, just bring some cabbage and salt. I’ll also answer your cooking questions, comically and sincerely. Join us!

About Linda Kallenberger

Linda’s love of cooking took off when she began traveling and was exposed to examples of what people eat and why. In the last 20ish years, she has cooked in places as varied as an amusement park, food truck, fine dining restaurant, and more! She currently works at Three Store Hearth in Berkeley.

NCWHL Community Convos: Mindfulness in Challenging Times

Here’s a link to the video, the chat and the slide deck.

Mindfulness for Challenging Times

Wednesday, Sept 16, 7- 8:30 pm

Kai led the mindfulness program at Genentech for several years before creating a mindfulness program at his current company, Infineon. He’s an advisory board member for the Mindful Workplace Alliance and has done multiple silent meditation retreats of up to ten days. He’s been practicing mindfulness for over thirteen years and continues to find it incredibly helpful in his daily life.Mindfulness has benefits for health and performance, but what many of us need right now is support dealing with the challenges of our times. Kai will share practical knowledge and practices you can use in your daily life.