Game FAQ: What if we don’t have a goalie?

What if we don’t have a goalie? Here is what our League policies state regarding having only one goalie (or unfortunately no goalies) in a game.

Play with 6 skaters

  • The team with no goalie can place an extra player on the ice in lieu of the goalie. However she will not have any goalie privileges, she will just be a 6th player on the ice. This means she (or anyone else on her team) cannot purposefully cover the puck. If she does this inside the crease area, it is penalty shot (or optional minor). If the puck was covered to prevent an obvious and imminent goal, a goal is awarded. If outside the crease, a delay of game penalty is called.
  • This also means that more than likely there will not be any icings against the team with 6 skaters. This is because in any game, icing is waived off if a player from the team not shooting the puck could have played it before crossing the goal line. With a 6th skater, most of the time she probably could have played it. Does this mean there are definitely no icings against the team with no goalie? (nope)
  • Refs can ask the one goalie if she wants to switch halfway through the game. If the goalie wants to, the refs will ask the captains. If the captains both agree, then the goalie will play half of the game for one team, and half for the other. The team that has the assigned goalie gets to choose which half they want the goalie. Once this format is decided on, at no time will it revert back to playing for just the one team.

Shooter Tutor

  • When the rink has a shooter tutor available, and both captains agree, the shooter tutor shall be placed on the goal frame of the team with no goalie. The tutor will not move when the teams switch ends, so one team has the tutor for 2 periods and the other has it for 1 period.
  • Same rules for covering the puck (see above) apply when the shooter tutor is on the net.

No goalies at all?

  • See six skaters, playing 6 a side for both teams, or
  • We could play pond hockey style. In some cases that is putting the net on the front of its frame and then shooting at what was the top of the net. In other cases, you can play ‘posts’ where a goal only counts if it hits a post or crossbar.
  • In either case, captains must agree.

Community Outreach: Oct & Nov Projects

We have some great opportunities for community service coming up! We’ll be volunteering at Second Harvest Food Bank in October, this time at the San Jose location. We will also be playing street hockey with kids again at Sunday Friends in November. We got a special request to return!

Please sign up at the links below if you can help out. Make sure to bring your jersey to both events! As always, feel free to contact us at if you have any suggestions for volunteer opportunities or donation drives.


October 20, 2018 @ 9:00am
4001 North 1st Street
San Jose, CA 95134
Sign Up:


SUNDAY FRIENDS – Street Hockey with Kids:
November 11, 2018 @ 2:30 – 4:00pm
Santee Elementary
1313 Audubon Drive
San Jose, CA 95122
Sign Up:

Winter 2018-2019 Schedule

Winter 2018-2019 Schedule

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2018 NCWHL Picnic & Labor Day Tournament

We held our Annual Picnic on September 1 this year at Cuesta Park in Mountain View and drew more than 70 League members out to enjoy grilled burgers, hot dogs and chicken, as well as a smorgasbord of pot-luck goodies. April Tse was the winner of the 50% off registration raffle. She also took a few pictures to commemorate the day:

April’s Photos > 2018 NCWHL Picnic

In addition, 45 skaters across all four divisions participated in the Labor Day Tournament at Ice Oasis. The tournament ran from September 1 to September 3. Players played 5 games total including a playoff game and a final. All of the games were close; both playoff games went into extra time and the Championship game, which entered OT with a 0-0 tie, was decided with a crafty five-hole shootout goal by Green Division skater, Candice Nishimura!

Photos courtesy of April Tse