Captains Corner

Thank you for representing the NCWHL as a team captain!

Captain's Responsibilities

  1. Obtain substitute players, as needed. See Sub List Guidelines
  2. Coordinate with team members to determine the desired minimum and/or maximum number of players on the roster for games, including substitute players
  3. Remind the team of game times
  4. Provide a team roster to scorekeepers before each game (team rosters are provided by the division coordinators at the beginning of the season)
  5. Ensure that players arriving late sign-in with the scorekeeper
  6. Chose an alternate captain and give her the necessary items for any game that both captains are going to miss
  7. Bring the team puck bag to all games
  8. Assist the coach in determining lines, if requested
  9. Communicate with the referees on behalf of the team and the coach
  10. Review and keep team score sheets
  11. Inform the Treasurer if fewer than two officials attend each game
  12. Distribute league info to the team
  13. Represent the league to the players by informing them of the general meeting; encourage cooperation with the team, coach, and division coordinator.