NCWHL Community Convos: Small Business, Stories from Owners & Entrepreneurs

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Wednesday, June 24, 7- 8:30 pm
Small Business, Stories from Owners & Entrepreneurs
Ever thought of starting your own business? Curious how to take an idea and build a product or service? Learn from successful small business owners and entrepreneurs as they discuss everything from identifying customers to figuring out payroll and hiring. Hear how each has weathered recent shelter in place orders and what they’re doing next.
Panel Discussion and Live Q+A
Amy Bradac
Amy has two decades of experience in the Architecture and Construction Industry. After a number of years of experience at an award-winning architecture firm, she left to gain practical experience in implementing design and administering construction at one of the premier independent construction companies in the Bay Area. She thought it would be only a few years before she returned to working at an architecture office but the work was so exciting and challenging that she worked as a Project Manager managing commercial construction for seven years. She now owns Bradac Co, a full-service design and construction management firm with a focus on excellent customer service. Her 20 years of experience as an architect and contractor give her the unique perspective of having viewed the industry from every angle, which makes her particularly adept at facilitating communication and moving projects forward on time and on budget.

Alissa Fitzgerald
Alissa Fitzgerald founded and bootstrapped her company in 2003 and now employs 10 people. Her company designs and builds custom micro electromechanical systems (MEMS), tiny silicon components that are used in products such as consumer electronics, smartphones, cars, medical devices, industrial equipment and even spacecraft.

Paula Riley
Paula and Gary, her husband own and operate Vanguard Motors in San Francisco devoted to service and repair of BMW, Mini and Porsche vehicles. Prior to working in the business for 20 years, Paula worked in Silicon Valley as a marketing manager in the semiconductor industry. Paula has played in the blue division of the NCWHL since 1995.

Ryan Greenlee
Ryan has spent over 30 yrs working with tech companies, primarily startups. He has led the delivery of over 40 products to market. He started consulting over 11 yrs ago and is available if you want to mature your software organization/department. His startup experience and education have given him experience and knowledge across other departments but your mileage will vary. With his sister, he started a real estate company, Gerry Holding, LLC, in 2013 which is still doing well. And last year he and his business partner started a software product venture, Rowan AR, LLC, building products focusing in the AR/VR space. It’s not a startup! All three ventures are active. Ryan also spends a good amount of time helping friends and members of minority groups via career coaching and mentoring. As well as being an active volunteer in NCWHL.

NCWHL Community Convos: How to Stay in Hockey Shape

Here’s the link to the video and the chat.

Wednesday, June 17, 7- 8:30 pm
How to Stay in Hockey Shape During an Extended Off-Season

Trying to figure out how to sharpen your skills until we can get back on the ice? Join me in a hands-on session to learn strategies for effective off-ice training and fitness. Q+A to follow. Participants are recommended to have stick, gloves, and stick handling ball/puck ready to practice, although not required!

About Kay Cowperthwait
Kay Cowperthwait is the founder of Dynamic Women’s Hockey School, where she offers camps and clinics for girls and women. She is the former Head Coach of the Amherst College Women’s Hockey team, and she is also a certified personal trainer, Spin and Pilates instructor. She has played hockey for over 40 years, including 5 years in the NCWHL in the 1990’s.

NCWHL Community Convos: Ask the Ref

Here’s the link to the video and the chat.

Wednesday, June 10, 7- 8:30 pm
Ask the Ref!

Ever wonder how someone becomes a ref? What type of training goes into certification? Curious about what referees see in our gameplay? Hear some of the odd, wonderful and yes wild stories from 25 years of officiating as our very own JJ Nakaso answers all our burning questions.

About Joanne “JJ” Nakaso
JJ started playing hockey at 26, having never skated on ice before her first lesson. She skated in the first women-only scrimmage organized by Theresa Green that went on to become the NCWHL.

JJ has been an NCWHL skater, scorekeeper, referee and referee coordinator. She was one of the first women referees for the league. JJ has been an instructor for USAH officiating seminars as well as NCWHL Referee Coordinator from 2003-2015. She currently officiates for NCWHL, NorCal (youth league), and SIAHL (Sharks Ice Adult Hockey League), and has been a mentor for youth officials for the past four seasons.

NCWHL Community Convos: Feeling Benched with Jenn Lo and Kai Stowers

Here’s the link to the video, chat and slideshow:
Feeling Benched_Slides

Wednesday, June 3, 7- 8:30 pm
Feeling Benched? Rediscover your inner resilience during times of uncertainty and chaos

When you are on the bench, anger, frustration, and sadness permeate your body. It is difficult to focus, be supportive of your replacement, and be mentally prepared for when you’re called back into the game.

Outside the rink, the COVID-19 pandemic can make us feel emotionally or physically benched in our work and personal lives. This self-reflective workshop leverages mindfulness concepts and Lean problem-solving skills to strengthen your mental game. You will participate in activities to help you take charge of your next step whether you are in the defensive, neutral, or offensive zone – or even if you don’t know what zone you are in!

Jenn Chan is a management consultant and coach who leverages mindfulness-based thinking to help clients break down and solve complex business problems. She specializes in Lean A3 Thinking and leads organizational initiatives to help advance a culture of continuous improvement at UCSF.

Kai Stowers is an Organization Development leader enabling breakthrough organizational and personal transformation by empowering leaders to gain greater self-awareness and leading teams through the most challenging conversations to strengthen and deepen motivation, performance, and results.

NCWHL Community Convos: How to Find Jobs & Write Resumes with Jeannie Warner

Here’s the link to the video, audio, and chat.

Wednesday, May 27, 7-8:30 pm

How to Find Jobs & Write Resumes with Jeannie Warner
This workshop helps everyone translate their skills both from previous jobs and community volunteerism (including skating!) into applicable job search items which can help you find new employment. We will discuss your LinkedIn profile and what to include along with search algorithms used by recruiters. We will talk about where to look for a job and how to customize your resume to increase your likelihood of an interview. This comes with an open invitation to visit Jeannie’s LI site and harvest all her contacts for everyone with the name Recruiter. She thinks she has about a hundred.
Jeannie Warner has never been out of work for more than two months in 30 years. She’s written resumes for many people, been a hiring manager, and worked with recruiters from both sides of the desk. She has a useless degree in musicology, a checkered career in computer security, and aspirations of world domination. Currently she’s the Director of Product Marketing Management for a security startup.
Jeannie Warner spent her formative years in Colorado, Canada, and Southern California, and is not afraid to abandon even the most luxurious domestic environs for an opportunity to travel almost anywhere. Jeannie’s writing credits include blogs of random musings and warning on the topics of IT Security, as well as publications in online magazines and anthologies on Amazon. She is in the process of moving from Santa Clara to Sunnyvale. Her bribe of choice is a latte or a dark and stormy, depending on the time of day.
Jeannie strongly believes that yes is more fun than no.