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The NCWHL relies on our dedicated volunteer coaches to teach the game of hockey to new skaters. We take great pride in our Green Division, which offers a safe, fun, and supportive atmosphere for brand new hockey players to learn the game we love. We couldn’t do this without the help of our team of volunteer coaches.

General Guidelines

  • Coaches recognize the power they hold over athletes and therefore make reasonable efforts to avoid engaging in conduct that is personally demeaning to athletes and other participants.
  • Coaches must present information accurately and with a reasonable degree of objectivity.
  • Coaches will establish an appropriate process for providing feedback to athletes.
  • Coaches must evaluate athletes on the basis of their actual performance on relevant and established program requirements and consistent with league criteria.
  • Coaches seek to ensure skater feedback is accurate and not misleading.
  • Coaches take responsible measures to honor all commitments they have made.

Green Division Head Coach

  • Minimum requirement: Maroon level skater or higher.
  • Reports to Coach Coordinator.
  • Coordinates practices with Green Division Coordinator.
  • Develops practice plans, with goals and objectives, and communicates plans to Coach Coordinator, Division Coordinator.
  • Able to clearly communicate plans, drills and implementation to coaching team and skaters.
  • Able demonstrate all skills, drills and activities using correct form.
  • Able to coach on-ice, offensive bench, defensive bench, full bench and instruct coaching team on best methods.
  • Fully understands game knowledge and best way to communicate knowledge to coaches and skaters.

Green Division Coach

  • Minimum requirement: Maroon level or Red benchmark level with 2 seasons experience as an Assistant Coach.
  • Reports to Coach Coordinator.
  • Takes direction from Head Coach.
  • Able to demonstrate drills and skills of Red level criteria.
  • If unable to demonstrate skill, seeks skater who can demonstrate skill.
  • Able to implement practice plans developed by Head Coach.
  • Able to provide feedback for improvement.
  • Able to Coach on-ice and Offensive Bench or Defensive Bench. Can handle full bench but should have an assistant.
  • Understands game knowledge and can communicate plays and methods to players.

Green Division Assistant Coach

  • Minimum requirement: 2 sequential seasons in Red Division.
  • Reports to Coach Coordinator.
  • Takes direction from Head Coach and Division Coaches.
  • Able to demonstrate basic skating and sticking handling skills correctly under supervision of the Head Coach.
  • Able to provide basic feedback and seeks assistance from Coaches or head coach on matters that need improvement.
  • Able to assist on ice as needed and assist on the bench with guidance.