NCWHL participated in our first community service event on Saturday, May 19th at the Second Harvest Food Bank’s San Carlos location. We helped sort out protein donations and packaged them for distribution to local charities. We had 8 awesome volunteers who worked hard and managed to out pace the group of 12 working with us! We had a blast while answering many questions about our league. Many of the other groups had never heard of us and were so impressed that such a diverse and unique group of people were helping out in the community.

We have another opportunity coming up on Sunday, May 27th from 2:30 to 4:00pm with Sunday Friends at Lowell Elementary in San Jose. We have 5 more spots available and are planning on playing street hockey with a group of under-privileged kids.

Learn more about Sunday Friends here:

Please consider signing up here: or, if you can’t volunteer, you can check that option and let me know more about what you are interested in participating in the future.