Here’s a link to the video and the chat.

Friday, Nov 13, 7 – 8:30 p.m.
What We Know, What We Don’t,
& All Your Questions Answered (maybe)

Joanne Engel, MD. PhD, will discuss everything the general public might want to know about COVID that we have learned so far. Bring your questions – Joanne will try to have answers!

About Joanne Engel

Joanne Engel is a Professor of Medicine and of Microbiology/Immunology at UCSF, where she is chief of the Division of Infectious Diseases. She also directs an active research laboratory and is involved in graduate student teaching. During the COVID pandemic, her division has been instrumental in defining COVID-related policy, procedures, and treatment protocols. Outside of work, she is a hockey widow, an avid cyclist, and a co-parent of a 24 year old son.

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