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Division Coordinator: Tami Devine

Welcome To Hockey!

  • The Green Division is the entry point to the NCWHL, combining beginning players with those that have acquired basic skills.
  • The Green division has no minimum requirements. Evaluation of skill does not occur.
  • The skill set of a green player is any player who does not meet the criteria for the red division.
  • Each team is assigned a coach who will help with individual player and team development.
  • The season consists of pre-game learning sessions, games and practices, additional pickup and subbing opportunities may be available dependent on ice availability.
  • The green division is a great place to learn how to play hockey in a fun, encouraging environment while also offering a competitive environment for basic level skaters to build upon their skills.

Green Division Coaching Guideline

For individuals interested in becoming a coach for a green team, please read through a PDF of coaching guidelines for the Green division.

Changing Divisions

Hockey requires drills, conditioning and practice to improve ability and leg strength needed to advance into a new division. The NCWHL recommends skating more than once a week to improve your chance of succeeding in division evaluations.

Recommended steps to improve skills

  • Attend all Green practices
  • Play in every game
  • Seek sub opportunities in your division and the level above [subject to division sizes]
  • Speak with your coaches about what skills need work
  • Skate at Public Ice sessions
  • Skate at Sharks Ice Stick Times [see rinks for schedules]
  • Attend skating and shooting clinics

Evaluations are held twice a year prior to a new season. This is the only method for changing divisions. Refer to these rules for further information.

Additional Information for Green Division

Interested in becoming a team captain? Check out the list of captain's responsibilities!