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Wednesday, August 11, 7- 8:30 pm
Injury Biomechanics in Forensic Investigations
Working as an Expert Witness

Are you fascinated by courtroom dramas? Do you watch “Law & Order” marathons whenever they’re shown on TV? Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be an expert witness? Come and chat with our very own expert in accident reconstruction and injury biomechanics! We’ll discuss typical aspects of this job, as well as interesting and unusual cases.

About Hanh Le
With nearly 20 years of professional experience, Hanh specializes in accident reconstruction and injury biomechanics. Her specific areas of expertise include analysis of motor vehicle crashes, falls, pedestrian impacts, and recreational activities. She has conducted numerous volunteer studies for analyzing human kinematics and biomechanical reconstruction. She is also experienced in full-scale vehicle crash testing to evaluate crashworthiness and occupant protection. Her additional testing capabilities include measurements of elevator acceleration, slip resistance related to walking surfaces, and loading or vibration in the occupational environment.
Hanh’s hockey career started in Boston where she was so lucky to attend college with a great rink – right on campus! She learned to skate, played “tripod” intramural hockey with her dorm, and then joined the women’s club team. Some of her best memories are carpooling with Susie Wee and Alissa Fitzgerald to summer hockey in Boston. Remember the maroon Buick and Subaru wagon?!? After moving to California for graduate school in 1994, Hanh joined the NCWHL and has continued to play ever since. She has also served on the Board as Secretary, Division Coordinator, and Vice-President.
REMINDER: No recording of slides during presentation, please. Thanks!

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