NCWHL Referee Evaluations

In an effort to continually train, evaluate, and educate the officials that work in our league, the NCWHL would like the help of the players to evaluate the referees who officiate games in the NCWHL. The League would like to hear your constructive criticism, compliments, and complaints.

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When completing the evaluation, please remember the following:

  • We cannot change what happened, only try to correct for the future. Referees work many different levels, leagues, and types of games. They are human, and sometimes lose focus of how the NCWHL standards are different than other leagues.
  • Completed evaluations will be sent to the NCWHL board, and the Director of Officials.

Please provide your name. We take these evaluations seriously, as they affect the standard of play in the NCWHL. Adding your name carries more credibility to your evaluation and allows us to follow up when additional details are needed. Remember, we aim for constructive feedback. In addition to collecting concerns and areas needing improvement, we want to collect information about terrific refs so that we can hold onto the best ones and assign them to the most games possible.