1. Minimum Age Limit
    2. Team Formation
    3. Players in Uniform
    4. Illegal Players
    5. Captains
    6. Substitute Skaters
    7. Substitute Goalies
    8. Coaches
    9. Scorekeepers

Minimum Age Limit

All players participating in the NCWHL shall be 18 years or older before the season starts.


Team Formation

Prior to the start of each season, the division coordinator and that season’s captains shall form teams from all registered players. Reasonable effort shall be made to establish team parity and allow for carpooling.

The Board will review players requesting to participate in the league after the season commences. No additional players will be accepted into the league after registration closes, unless stated otherwise for a particular season.


Players in Uniform

League players are required to wear the NCWHL uniforms. Players who have not yet received their jerseys are encouraged to borrow jerseys from other league members. See Rule 203 for more information.


Illegal Players

Any player or goalie who is not registered with USA Hockey shall not play in any NCWHL game, practice, pickup or league sponsored clinic. Any player who is not registered with the NCWHL as a member of the team playing (except substitute players) shall be deemed an illegal player. Players who arrive after the game commences are required to check-in with the scorekeeper and will be considered illegal players until they do. No illegal players may play in any NCWHL game.

A team which suspects an illegal player is playing on the opposing team must report it to the officials any time prior to the end of the game. If the player is found to be illegal, that team shall forfeit all games where the illegal player was used. This issue may be appealed to the Board if resolution is not achieved.



The Division Coordinator is responsible for ensuring there are Captains for each team before the season begins. If a team is selected without a Captain, the team shall elect a captain before the first game. Captains are responsible for conveying information to each team member such as League announcements, rescheduled games, etc. Captains are also responsible for providing the team roster, including substitute players and goalies, to the scorekeeper prior to the start of the game and checking accuracy of score sheets immediately following the game. If a discrepancy in the score sheet exists, the Captain should contact the League Statistician on behalf of the team.

  • The Captain makes the decision regarding substitute skaters.
  • The Captain, or the designated alternate in the absence of the Captain, shall be authorized to speak to the referees during the game concerning matters of rule interpretation only.

Substitute Skaters

All substitute skaters must be registered with the NCWHL in the season in which they are substituting. Substitute skaters are not required for any game. The Captain has the authority, and may at her discretion, arrange for subs, up to the total number of players on the roster of the largest team in that division, not including the goalie.

Substitute skaters may come from within the same or one lower division. Individual players serving game misconduct or match penalties may not substitute in any NCWHL game until after the duration of their penalty. Substitute skaters must wear an NCWHL jersey.

At the discretion of the Board, in seasons where the Green division has fewer than 30 skaters, Red division skaters may sub in Green division games. A Green team with any Red division substitute skaters are limited to 2 goals by red players. Red division skaters must wear their red NCWHL socks (dark / away team) for easy identification, regardless of whether they are subbing for the home or away team.


Substitute Goalies

The goalie coordinator is responsible for assigning goalies for each game. She will make every effort to assign goalies of similar skill level.

Only when all known female goalies (or volunteers) from all divisions have been exhausted, or in a game time emergency situation, can male goalies be utilized. If a male goalie is needed, every effort will be made to have the goalie be division-appropriate and an attempt to match the level of the opposing goalie will be made.

If a goalie is not found in time for a game or to replace an injured goalie, the team is left with an empty net. The team may have 6 players on the ice but one cannot act as goalie in the goal crease. The team without a goalie may also elect to have a shooter tutor on the net if one is available.

At the discretion of the referees, at the beginning of the game, the refs may ask the captains of both teams and the one goalie if all parties wish to have the one goalie switch teams halfway through. All parties must agree in advance, and once the decision has been made, no changes to that decision are allowed.

No player without goalie equipment shall be afforded any goalie privileges. All substitute goalies must be USA hockey registered.



The NCWHL provides each team in the Green and Red divisions with a coach. The League does not pay coaches. Coaches must be approved by the Coach Coordinator prior to participating in a game or practice.

Coaches are expected to observe league policy, especially regarding good sportsmanship. The NCWHL reserves the right to dismiss any coach for violating league policy.



The NCWHL provides scorekeepers for each game. These individuals are compensated for operating the game clock and preparing the scoresheet for each NCWHL game.

  • Team captains must provide scorekeepers with a team roster including all players in uniform, substitute skaters and goalies.
  • Scorekeepers provide copies of the completed score sheets to each team captain immediately after the game and take a photo of the original to email to the statistician for that division. Additionally the original score sheet and rosters will be placed in the mail. Also see Rule 506 – Official Scorer.