Our goalies rotate through teams & are scheduled according to skill level and availability. Info is gathered by the Goalie Coordinator at placement sessions & from prior season(s) to determine goalie division levels.

Beginner Goalies

Green Division is a great start for goalies with zero or little experience. We’ll even help you obtain gear! We always welcome new netminders. Register today to join our ranks!

Goalie FAQs

How do I find a team to play with?

The Goalie Coordinator will schedule your games for the season. Goalies in our league are not permanently assigned to a team, nor strictly speaking are they assigned to divisions. Goalies do not wear divisional colors, but white (home) and black (away) jerseys. The primary goal is to have 2 similarly skilled goalies in net for each game.

Speaking of Jerseys…

Jerseys are loaned by the league for as long as a goalie is active. Once a goalie is inactive, the jerseys must be returned.

How do divisions work with regards to goalies?

The goalies are ranked through information gathered at placement sessions plus stats from previous season(s). Based on the size of the goalie pool and the number of teams in each division, we determine “cut lines” for scheduling most of a goalie’s games in each division. This adjusts for both the current goalie pool and individual goalie progress.

Will I play in just one division?

We do allow goalies to play in some games up from their usual division. When we need subs, we may ask if you will play up or down a division.

How does scheduling work?

At the beginning of the season, you should let the Coordinator know about any known conflicts for games. The Coordinator will create a schedule and let you know by email, as well as entering all games into Google calendar. You will get 2 email reminders from Google: 1 week and 1 day ahead of each game. We do expect you to show up for your games as scheduled. If you need a sub for a game you are scheduled for, you should notify the Coordinator as soon as possible. The worst goalie sin is to be a no-show for a game!

How often can I expect to be in net?

While it depends on how many teams and goalies we have, most goalies are scheduled for about a game a week in the upper divisions and about every other week in Green. If your schedule allows, you can play more, especially as we routinely need subs.

I’m brand new to this! How do I get started?

Give Hockey a Try Day (GHATD) is a great way to experience being in net. We get you geared up and you learn some basics, then play in a scrimmage!

You do need to invest some time in getting goalie gear. We know this process can be intimidating and costly, but we will help you through this process. The league has some donated goalie gear available that we sell. Play it Again Sports also has used goalie gear. Bay Area Hockey Repair specializes in goalies and has helped us out before, as well. A quick list of what you’ll need: goalie skates, pads, goalie pants, goalie jill, chest protector, mask, throat protector, blocker, glove, stick and long underwear.

Most brand new goalies start in Green Division, which has multiple practices (with a goalie coach) as well as games. You learn by doing and have fun in the process. If you already have experience as a skater, or are a quick learner, you may have the opportunity to play some games in the next division up (Red) later in the season.

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