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This Friday, October 30 @ 7pm!

Find your inner musician
Learn tips on developing and recording your own music

About Archie Kinnear

Archie Kinnear was fortunate to be born in Scotland, Glasgow to be exact into a family obsessed with music. He was born in 1968, so the music was rich and inspirational.

Being self-taught for the most part, Archie found it easy to flip between most instruments, yes including Bagpipes, until eventually Archie stuck with guitar although he can play most things in varying degrees of competency.

Archie had some success with bands in Scotland and Madrid. He tried to live the life of a musician until realising that there generally is little money to be had anymore. He was fortunate to play with a couple of bands doing session work with a local recording studio and radio stations (Radio Clyde) which led him to recording and production.

Archie built my home studio to allow me to record a 4 track EP under the name of 7eventh Machine entitled Highwire.. available on all streaming services!! Archie’s long-time friend Paul sang, while Archie played all instruments and did recording and production. It took just over 6 months to complete the master and release.

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