Payment of Fees

Registration and payment deadlines are established in order to assess ice needs and to sign contracts for ice time. Fees paid to the League are obligated in order to provide a solvent, efficiently run hockey league.

  • Players must be ready to play at the start of the season – you may not register to hold a spot in a division until you are ready to return from injury, pregnancy, etc.
  • Players must be registered with USA Hockey.
  • Players are to pay in full prior to the start of any season or make arrangements to pay in full if a payment plan is offered.
  • Only players who are officially registered with the NCWHL and have paid fees are eligible to participate in evaluation/conditioning sessions and play in regulation games.
  • Any player owing money from prior seasons shall not be allowed to play or participate in evaluation/conditioning sessions in any subsequent season until such time as all owed and current fees are paid in full.
Scrimmage & Clinic Fees

Additional scrimmages and league-sponsored clinics are not included in the regular season fees. Fees to participate in these events vary and are collected at the rink prior to playing.



The NCWHL is under no obligation to provide refunds of any kind. In addition, the league can deny membership to players who owe balances for previous seasons.

  • A player may request a full refund before the start of the pre-season/evaluation sessions.
  • A player may request a refund of fees paid, minus $100, if she requests it in writing any time after the start of the pre-season/evaluation sessions AND within 24 hours of being notified of placement by the Placement Coordinator.
  • After the first post-evaluation session, refunds (partial or otherwise) will not be granted even for reasons of injury, pregnancy or resignation from the league. No refunds will be granted to players expelled or suspended from the league as a result of disciplinary action.


The NCWHL issues credits to players exclusively for reasons of injury and pregnancy. League credits due to injury and pregnancy are non-refundable and non-transferable. The NCWHL will keep a credit for the player for one year, to be used for season registration only. The credit will be calculated from the date the division coordinator was informed in writing that the player can no longer participate the rest of the season due to injury or pregnancy. Once a player receives an injury credit, they cannot return that same season. No credits will be granted to players expelled or suspended from the league as a result of disciplinary action. All credits will be tracked as dollar amounts.

League Credit for NCWHL Board Members

All NCWHL board members (President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, and the 4 Division Coordinators) shall receive a league credit of 50% of the regular league fee. Credit will continue to accrue as long as the board member remains on the Board. The credit will expire within one year of the board member’s departure from the Board. The credit can only be applied towards league fees. The credit can be pro-rated at the Board’s discretion.

League Credit for NCWHL Coordinators

The following NCWHL Coordinators shall receive a credit towards their regular league fee. Credit will continue to accrue as long as the coordinator remains in a coordinator position. The credit will expire within one year of the coordinator’s departure from the position. The credit can only be applied toward league fees and the credit must be used within one year of the coordinator’s departure from their position. The credit can be pro-rated at the Board’s discretion.

The Coordinators eligible for the credit are: (Coordinator credit amount is awarded at the discretion of the Board)

  1. Coach Coordinator
  2. Goalie Coordinator
  3. Gear and Awards Coordinator
  4. Placement/Evaluation Coordinator
  5. Recruiting Coordinator
  6. GHATD Coordinator
  7. USA Hockey Coordinator
  8. Scorekeeper Coordinator
  9. Statistician
  10. Scheduling
  11. Director of Officials
  12. Jersey Coordinator, Blue and Maroon
  13. Jersey Coordinator, Red and Green
League Credit Restrictions
  1. With Board approval, credits may be transferred to other NCWHL members or donated to the NCWHL assistance fund.
  2. With Board approval, people who win credits (e.g. half off league fees raffles) may transfer those credits to other NCWHL members or donate them to the NCWHL assistance fund.
  3. The maximum credit a board member or eligible coordinator can accrue is $500.
  4. If a Coordinator is also a board Member, only one credit will be applied.
  5. League credit is not refundable.


The NCWHL does not buy out or refund league fees, but has created the following policy to help facilitate buy-outs between exiting and returning NCWHL skaters and goalies.


A buy-out occurs when a skater/goalie sells the remainder of their season to a skater/goalie of equal skill level. Transactions are between the buyer and seller, but must be approved through the appropriate NCWHL Division Coordinator to ensure division skill levels and team parity. The Board reserves the right to review and control buy-outs leading to players returning to the league.

Eligible Buy-Out Sellers

Eligible buy-out sellers must be a NCWHL Skater/Goalie in good standing who cannot finish out her season due to pregnancy, injury or moving out-of-area.

Buy-out Skater/Goalie sellers cannot return to play in the same season sold, even through the buy-out process.

The seller can only sell to a skater/goalie who previously skated at the same division level.

Credits cannot be sold. Once a credit has been issued for reason of pregnancy/injury, the seller must first contact the treasurer to cancel the credit prior to selling their spot.

Eligible Buy-in Purchasers

Returning NCWHL skaters/goalies in good standing that were unable to join the league at the start of the season due to any reason are eligible to buy-out a season if a spot becomes available.

If the skater has not missed more than one season, she may return to the division on completion of the buy-out and steps below. If the skater has missed more than one season (i.e. a season plus 1 game or more), she will require an In-Game-Evaluation to ensure the skater is capable of skating in the division, at the discretion of the Division Coordinator.

Buy-out purchasers must have a current USA Hockey number and sign the appropriate rink and liability waivers before they may skate.

Upon buy-out approval the purchaser must register through the NCWHL website if registration is open, otherwise the Treasurer will manually register the purchaser and email the NCWHL waiver to the purchaser with the request that the purchaser mail the waiver back to the NCWHL PO Box (or return the completed waiver to the Division Coordinator).

Steps for Buy-Out:
  • Buy-out Seller must advise Division Coordinator of intent to sell.
  • Division Coordinator will verify skater/goalie is eligible for buy-out and notify Board.
  • Upon approval, the seller and purchaser can conduct the transaction and notify the Division Coordinator when complete.
  • Registration via website or Treasurer and sign rink and liability waivers.
  • Division Coordinator will assign the returning player to team based on division needs. The returning skater/goalie is not guaranteed a position on the team vacated by the seller.

Players Splitting a Season

All players must register and pay full registration fees for an entire season. Two or more players may not split a season.


“Mid-Season” Registration

Players may only enter mid-season (anytime after registration has closed for the current season) and receive pro-rated, non-refundable registration fees under certain Board approved circumstances:

  • Player is brand new to the League.
  • Player is returning from a legitimate absence, including but not limited to:
    • Injury
    • Pregnancy
    • Moving

Players returning under these rules are subject to all mid-season placement rules. Division Coordinators will place new players into the proper division based on their playing history and abilities following an in-game evaluation. Returning League players will be placed in their last registered division, and may require re-evaluation at the start of the next season depending on how long the absence was. For complete details, see Mid-Season Placements (link).

Placement in any division will depend on space availability. In a case where the target division is full, buy-out rules can be used, if such an arrangement is available.

ALL players seeking mid-season entry must receive Board approval before registration. Please contact to inquire.