League Policies & Rules

Buyout Policy

The NCWHL does not buyout or refund league fees, but has created the following policy to help facilitate buyouts between exiting and returning NCWHL skaters and goalies.


A buyout occurs when a skater/goalie sells the remainder of their season to a skater/goalie of equal skill level. Transactions are between the buyer and seller, but must be approved through the appropriate NCWHL Division Coordinator to ensure division skill levels and team parity. The Board reserves the right to review and control buyouts leading to players returning to the league.

Eligible Buyout Sellers

Eligible buyout sellers must be a NCWHL Skater/Goalie in good standing who cannot finish out her season due to pregnancy, injury or moving out-of-area.

Buyout Skater/Goalie sellers cannot return to play in the same season sold, even through the buyout process.

The seller can only sell to a skater/goalie who previously skated at the same division level.

Credits cannot be sold. Once a credit has been issued for reason of pregnancy/injury, the seller must first contact the treasurer to cancel the credit prior to selling their spot.

Eligible Buyin Purchasers

Returning NCWHL skaters/goalies in good standing that were unable to join the league at the start of the season due to any reason are eligible to buyout a season if a spot becomes available.

If the skater has not missed more than one season, she may return to the division on completion of the buyout and steps below. If the skater has missed more than one season (i.e. a season plus 1 game or more), she will require an In-Game-Evaluation to ensure the skater is capable of skating in the division, at the discretion of the Division Coordinator.

Buyout purchasers must have a current USA Hockey number and sign the appropriate rink and liability waivers before they may skate.

Upon buyout approval the purchaser must register through the NCWHL website if registration is open, otherwise the Treasurer will manually register the purchaser and email the NCWHL waiver to the purchaser with the request that the purchaser mail the waiver back to the NCWHL PO Box (or return the completed waiver to the Division Coordinator).

Steps for Buyout:

  • Buyout Seller must advise Division Coordinator of intent to sell.
  • Division Coordinator will verify skater/goalie is eligible for buyout and notify Board.
  • Upon approval, the seller and purchaser can conduct the transaction and notify the Division Coordinator when complete.
  • Registration via website or Treasurer and sign rink and liability waivers
  • Division Coordinator will assign the returning player to team based on division needs. The returning skater/goalie is not guaranteed a position on the team vacated by the seller.