League Policies & Rules

Conduct at the Rink

NCWHL players are expected to conduct themselves in a courteous manner when dealing with any rink personnel. Players are expected to follow all rink policies.

Rink lobbies are considered public places, and nudity in rink lobbies is prohibited. Inappropriate behavior at league events reflects on the NCWHL and may jeopardize future ice rentals. Players acting inappropriately may be asked to resign from the league, or be subject to expulsion pending review by the Board.

Swearing and/or verbal harassment in locker rooms, hallways, players benches, or at any other sanctioned NCWHL event is considered inappropriate behavior, and such offenses will be disciplined at the discretion of the Board. Depending upon the circumstances, discipline could include game suspension and or expulsion from the NCWHL.

The conduct listed above is not intended to be exhaustive. The Board reserves the right to suspend or expel, for disciplinary reasons, any player at its discretion for misconduct not specifically listed here, based upon the incident and circumstances.

A player, coach, or goalie expelled from the NCWHL may not rejoin the league.

No refunds will be issued to players who are suspended or ejected from the NCWHL.