League Policies & Rules

Points of Emphasis

The NCWHL is committed to eliminating unnecessary body contact away from the puck, checking from behind, boarding, and violent stick infractions.

All on-ice officials are directed to penalize, in all instances, infractions that fall into the injury potential category. These infractions include boarding, charging, checking from behind, cross checking, elbowing/kneeing, high sticking, roughing and slashing. This includes slashing a goalie after she has covered the puck. Special emphasis is also placed on unnecessary body contact to players who are not in possession and control of the puck, and any body contact that results in the opponent being thrown into the boards or to the ice with excessive force.

The NCWHL encourages clean play at all levels and remains committed to supporting the decisions of the on-ice officials where players are penalized for the infractions noted above. Finally, the NCWHL is a non-checking, non-fighting hockey league. Fighting in the NCWHL will result in expulsion from the league.