League Policies & Rules

Payment of Fees

Registration and payment deadlines are established in order to assess ice needs and to sign contracts for ice time. Fees paid to the League are obligated in order to provide a solvent, efficiently run hockey league.

  • Players must be ready to play at the start of the season - you may not register to hold a spot in a division until you are ready to return from injury, pregnancy, etc.
  • Players must be registered with USA Hockey.
  • Players are to pay in full prior to the start of any season or make arrangements to pay in full if a payment plan is offered.
  • Only players who are officially registered with the NCWHL and have paid fees are eligible to participate in evaluation/conditioning sessions and play in regulation games.
  • Any player owing money from prior seasons shall not be allowed to play or participate in evaluation/conditioning sessions in any subsequent season until such time as all owed and current fees are paid in full.

Scrimmage and Clinic Fees

Additional scrimmages and league-sponsored clinics are not included in the regular season fees. Fees to participate in these events vary and are collected at the rink prior to playing.