League Policies & Rules

Rule 203 - Players in Uniform

In addition to USAH Rule 203(d):

Players who have been issued league jerseys must wear the appropriate league jersey while on the ice and participating in a game (including warm-ups, intermissions and post-game handshakes). For a violation of this rule, the player will be assessed a 10 minute misconduct. Having served her penalty, she may then participate in the game provided she wears an appropriate league jersey. Goalies are exempt from this rule, but should wear an appropriate league jersey if her league jersey is not available.

Red Division players substituting in Green Division games must wear their red away league socks for easy identification.

Other substitute players may wear league jerseys of any color; they do not have to match the color of the division game.

NCWHL allows the use of three-digit (100-999) identifying numbers.

No player without goalie equipment shall be afforded any goalie privileges.