League Policies & Rules

Rule 304 - Protective Equipment

Elaboration of Rule 304(c):

All players must wear HECC approved hockey helmet and full face mask for all games, warm-ups and practices, including pickups and clinics. The helmet strap must be properly fastened at all times. On-ice coaches, clinic leaders and assistants do not need to wear full gear, but are required to wear a helmet.

In addition to the above, the NCWHL takes player safety seriously and expects all players to wear all recommended adult safety equipment, as outlined by USA Hockey in Rule 304(a).

In the Green divisions, the wearing of shoulder pads is mandated. In the Maroon and Blue divisions, the wearing of shoulder pads is recommended.

Goalies must also wear an HECC certified mask with chin strap, in addition to their goalie equipment. The NCWHL will not enforce the current size guidelines (e.g. 11" pad width) for goalies that are using older goalie pads or gloves.