League Policies & Rules

Substitute Goalies

The goalie coordinator is responsible for assigning goalies for each game. She will make every effort to assign goalies of similar skill level.

Only when all known female goalies (or volunteers) from all divisions have been exhausted, or in a game time emergency situation, can male goalies be utilized. If a male goalie is needed, every effort will be made to have the goalie be division-appropriate and an attempt to match the level of the opposing goalie will be made.

If a goalie is not found in time for a game or to replace an injured goalie, the team is left with an empty net. The team may have 6 players on the ice but one cannot act as goalie in the goal crease. The team without a goalie may also elect to have a shooter tutor on the net if one is available.

At the discretion of the referees, at the beginning of the game, the refs may ask the captains of both teams and the one goalie if all parties wish to have the one goalie switch teams halfway through. All parties must agree in advance, and once the decision has been made, no changes to that decision are allowed.

No player without goalie equipment shall be afforded any goalie privileges.

All substitute goalies must be USA hockey registered.