League Policies & Rules

Substitute Skaters

All substitute skaters must be registered with the NCWHL in the season in which they are substituting. Substitute skaters are not required for any game. The Captain has the authority, and may at her discretion, arrange for subs, up to the total number of players on the roster of the largest team in that division, not including the goalie.

Substitute skaters may come from within the same or one lower division. Individual players serving game misconduct or match penalties may not substitute in any NCWHL game until after the duration of their penalty. Substitute skaters must wear an NCWHL jersey.

At the discretion of the Board, in seasons where the Green division has fewer than 30 skaters, Red division skaters may sub in Green division games. A Green team with any Red division substitute skaters are limited to 2 goals by red players. Red division skaters must wear their red NCWHL socks (dark / away team) for easy identification, regardless of whether they are subbing for the home or away team.