Divisions > Blue > Skills Criteria (Advanced)

A skater in the blue division must meet the skill criteria for the maroon division, plus:

  1. Skating

    • Speed

      • Always moving to position, cycles
      • Able to skate through traffic
      • Keeps pace with game at this level
    • Stopping

      • Able to stop on either side, efficiently and in control
      • Able to step out of either stop in new direction with acceleration
    • Maneuverability

      • Able to quick start and make immediate turns
      • Able to skate backward crossovers smoothly and efficiently
    • Hustle

      • Chases and obtains loose puck
      • Anticipates plays and moves to desirable position
      • Able to "get open" for a play
  2. Stick Work

    • Passing/Receiving

      • Able to pass and receive the puck, challenged and through traffic
      • Deliberate and consistent passing to teammates
      • Controls passes, made and received
      • Exhibits advanced stick handling skills
      • Able to puck-handle entire ice surface with challenge
    • Shooting

      • Able to aim strong shots on goal consistently
      • Has mastered at least 4 different shots (backhand, slap, snap, wrist, one-time and deke shot)
      • Anticipates rebounds and takes rebound shots
  3. Game Experience

    • Positioning

      • Exhibits advanced positional skills
      • Powerplay, short-handed, two on one defense, cycling and covering positions
      • Forechecks and backchecks opposition
      • Plays the body effectively
    • Off-sides

      • Understands and avoids off-sides and icing
      • Immediately clears the zone to avoid offside call
    • Line changes

      • Consistently clean changes on the fly, without instruction
      • Changes while on offense
      • Comes directly to bench to change quickly
      • Able to "float" through line
    • Teamwork

      • Communicates respectfully with referees, players and line-mates (coaches if applicable)
      • Offers helpful and positive feedback to teammates
      • Exhibits superior skills with clean and effective play