Divisions > Maroon > Skills Criteria (Advanced Intermediate)

Players are placed in the Maroon Division if their skills do not meet the Blue (Advanced) Division skills criteria.

  1. Skating

    • Speed

      • Always moving - can accelerate or change direction easily
      • Can skate entire surface while challenged, quickly and without falling
      • Keeps pace with game at this level
    • Stopping

      • Able to stop on either side, efficiently and in control
      • Able to step out of stop in new direction with acceleration
    • Maneuverability

      • Able to skate forward crossovers, consistently and at speed
      • Able to skate backwards smoothly and with speed
      • Smooth transition from backward to forward skating and forward to backward skating
      • Is able to make turns and cuts
    • Hustle

      • Chases loose puck
      • Able to "play the body"
      • Able to keep the puck in the offensive zone while playing defense
  2. Stick Work

    • Passing/Receiving

      • Able to pass and receive the puck, challenged
      • Deliberate attempt to pass to someone, consistently
      • Able to pass and receive on backhand or forehand, on the move
      • Minimal rebound off stick
    • Shooting

      • Two hands on stick, stick on ice consistently
      • Able to puck-handle entire ice surface with minor challenge
      • Has mastered one forehand shot and backhand shot using proper technique - can aim shot
      • Able to lift puck while shooting on goal
      • Has developed strength in shot
  3. Game Knowledge and Experience

    • Positioning

      • Forechecks and backchecks opposition
      • Able to cover opposition (woman for woman)
      • Able to cycle to other positions (including forward covering defense)
      • Skates to open pass
      • Play the "box" on penalty kill
      • Can play more than one position
      • Drives to net
    • Off-sides

      • Makes extra effort to clear the zone
      • Does not go offsides
    • Line changes

      • Consistently clean changes on the fly, without instruction
      • Changes while on offense
      • Comes directly to bench to change quickly
    • Teamwork

      • Communicates respectfully with referees, coach, players and line-mates
      • Offers helpful and positive feedback to coaches and players