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Players can be asked to sub on other teams within their division or the division above. All substitute skaters must be registered as a skater with the NCWHL in the season in which they are substituting.


Subbing 101

Skaters wishing to sub can submit their name to the online sub list. Your contact information is only available to the team captains of the current season (the data is password protected).

Should you not want to use the online sub list, you may send your name, jersey number, and position to your Division Coordinator for distribution to Team Captains. Also specify which divisions you would like to sub in (your current division and/or one division up).

A skater is eligible to sub up ONE division. The Coordinators’ names and contact information are located on the League contact page.

Obtaining Subs (for Team Captains)

Team Captains are responsible for obtaining substitute players. A sub contact list is available online. Team Captains may obtain contact list information from their Division Coordinator.

If you do not want to use the online sub list, or if there are not enough sub volunteers on the list (e.g. it’s the beginning of the season and the list hasn’t been populated yet), you may contact your Division Coordinator for a list of subs. Within your division, you may contact skaters from the rosters of the teams not playing (with byes). Subs may also be obtained from division one lower than yours.

You may only sub up to the maximum roster size for your division. For example, if one team has 13 skaters and the rest have 12, you may sub up to 13 skaters. If all teams have 12 skaters, you may only sub up to 12.

Goalie subs and schedules are handled by the Goalie Coordinator.