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Visioning is a powerful tool that enables us to create a tangible, visceral picture of what success looks like in the future. The practice of Visioning came into popularity as a powerful personal or business tool precisely because it enables us to transcend incremental thinking into truly innovative leaps forward. When we are able to be in the future and describe it, our energy goes up and our imagination is ignited.

We’ll cover a step-by-step process and exercise.

Please have a pen and paper or a laptop for writing exercise.

About Maryann Bell

Maryann Bell is a strategist, designer, writer who uses brand strategy, creativity and design thinking methodology to guide corporations and individuals through powerful transformations. She has developed such enduring brands as Java, Palo Alto Networks, University of Phoenix, and Citrix and positioned numerous high growth startup brands to thrive via her consulting work at Distility. She’s skated in the NCWHL for roughly ten years (taking another ten years off in the middle to have three kids).

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