NCWHL volunteer and board positions are open to any member of the league. Since the NCWHL is all-volunteer, our success depends on the time and effort provided by our members. The NCWHL is always looking for individuals to assist in all aspects of the league, from holding a position on our board to coordinating parties and selling NCWHL merchandise.

Team Captains help our league run smoothly too. Please review the captain responsibilities if you're interested in leading and volunteering in this capacity.

Board positions are up for election every March in the annual general membership meeting.

If you are interested in volunteering for any of the open positions below, please send an email to ncwhl.main@gmail.com.

NCWHL Board Members

Click on the position for info on responsibilities

President Whitney Kirschbrown whitney.kirschbrown@gmail.com
Vice President Laura Rinde vp.ncwhl@gmail.com
Treasurer Katherine Yoshii kkyoshii@yahoo.com
Secretary Lucinda Yang ncwhl.secretary@gmail.com

Division Coordinators

Green Suzette Hrudowsky greencoordinator.ncwhl@gmail.com
Red Andrea Tan andreatan@gmail.com
Maroon Jen Schwartz ncwhlmaroon@gmail.com
Blue Charlotte Shimada CnMShimada@aol.com

NCWHL League Volunteers

(Some volunteer positions may receive a credit towards their league fees. Click Here for more information)

Director of OfficialsCraig McDaniel
Scorekeeper CoordinatorJennifer Dockter
Placement CoordinatorsLiz Tan
Blue/Maroon Jersey CoordinatorLucinda Yang
Red/Green Jersey CoordinatorHelen Schlegel
Gear CoordinatorKatie Duck
Coaches CoordinatorIrene Brown
Picnic/Party CoordinatorKatie Freiberg
Goalie CoordinatorNicky Robinson
Recruitment/Social Media CoordinatorLauren Swanson
GHATDSevon Aamoth
Email DirectoryThu Trinh
SchedulerNora Grasham
StatisticianJulie Hardin
USA Hockey CoordinatorGladys Mercier
WebsiteDiane Ko

Board Member Responsibilities


  • Presides over league meetings
  • Negotiates, arranges and signs contracts for ice times at various rinks
  • Contracts on-ice officials
  • Represents NCWHL at hockey-related functions
  • Votes on league issues/policies at board meetings
  • Determines disciplinary action
  • Oversees and makes final decisions on all league functions not requiring league or board approval or requiring immediate action

Vice President

  • Reports to President
  • Acting president in president's absence
  • Votes on league issues/policies at board meetings
  • Oversees coordinator activities as described below
  • Reports coordinator activities to board and league


  • Reports to President
  • Collects all league dues and fees
  • Informs division coordinators, captains and players of unpaid dues and other related items
  • Registers players and teams for USA Hockey Memberships
  • Approves/disapproves credits and refunds
  • Votes on league issues/policies at board meetings
  • Documents and reports league financial status to board
  • Pays bills as needed
  • Collects money for all league related activities, such as:
    • clinic, pickup fees
    • league merchandise
    • jersey and sock payments


  • Reports to President
  • Prepares league newsletter, registration forms and mailings
  • Keeps minutes of NCWHL board meetings
  • Sends weekly reminders to league
  • Forwards seasonal registration to database administrator
  • Assists the league treasurer, as needed
  • Votes on league issues/policies at board meetings

Division Coordinator (One per division)

  • Reports to President
  • Is a player in the division she represents
  • Oversees needs of respective Division:
    • coordinates team rosters with selected committee
    • ensures team parity
    • informs Board and Division of team rosters
    • distributes uniforms and manages jersey numbers
    • confirms captains' responsibilities
  • Acts as player and captain contact to the Board
  • Votes on league issues/policies at Board meetings
  • Tallies end-of-season votes
  • Assists Treasurer, as needed
    • collects league fees from players
    • collects jersey payments from players

Director of Officials

  • Scheduling
    • Produce a schedule, based on skill level of the division and skill level of the officials, of officials (2) for every game in a timely manner
    • Report schedule to interested parties, including Treasurer for payroll purposes, and to division coordinators as requsted
  • Managing
    • Manage all officials and be the primary point of contact for all issues relating to NCWHL officials
    • Ensure officials are eligible and qualified to officiate
  • Evaluating
    • Develop and/or maintain a system of evaluation of all officials used in the league
    • Share evaluation information with officials, scheduler, and board members as necessary
  • Developing
    • Maintain current knowledge of NCWHL and USA Hockey rules and regulations
    • Develop and/or maintain a program to train new officials to the league
    • Develop and/or maintain a program to improve the knowledge and abilities of the officials used in the league
  • Recruiting
    • Develop and/or maintain a program to find and recruit new officials to the league. This can be either from players currently in the league, or officials that are already officiating and haven't officiated in the league before.

Scorekeeper Coordinator

  • Assign a scorekeeper for each game
  • Work with league treasurer to make sure payment to each scorekeeper is correct
  • Keep an accurate calendar for each month
  • Make sure all rinks have adequate number of scoresheets
  • Recruit and train new scorekeepers as necessary

Placement Coordinator

  • Coordinates evaluation sessions at each season's start by doing the following:
    • Invites hopeful skaters to evaluation sessions
    • Assembles off-ice evaluators for each session
    • Ensures sufficient inventory of movie tickets for off-ice evaluators
    • Provides snacks and much gratitude for off-ice evaluators
  • Works closely with respective Division Coordinators to assign new skaters to the correct division's evaluation sessions
  • Shares responsibility with co-coordinator (e.g. coordinates red division or maroon and blue divisions as needed). Reaches out to new-to-the-league skaters during the start of the season to assist with placement
  • Manages all evaluation event logistics from recruiting evaluators to producing aggregated data from evaluation scores
  • Communicates evaluation results to hopefuls
  • Responds to skater requests for individual feedback based evaluator comments
  • Maintains a high level of confidentiality to protect privacy, integrity of data/information, and enforces standardization across all divisions

Jersey Coordinator

  • Keep an updated log of all jersey numbers in 4 divisions, plus their history. This includes size, status (used or new), past owners, and duplicates (if applicable).
  • At the beginning of each season, contact new players (new to league and new to division) to determine uniform needs
  • Transport all jersey inventory to appropriate location
  • Manage the collection of fees for new jerseys, used jerseys, and jersey buybacks
  • Travel to rinks to deliver jerseys, and/or arrange with division coordinators and division captains for exchanges
  • Collect used jerseys for buyback, inventory, and prepare them (wash, if necessary) for resale
  • Provide updated roster #'s to all division coordinators and statisticians
  • Work with division coordinators to determine jersey #'s that can be bought back and/or reprinted
  • Replenish supply: determine what #'s are to be printed, order blanks and socks from Hockey X-Sport in Oakland, pick up and deliver to printer in Santa Clara, then inventory and return to storage unit

Gear Coordinator

  • Manage storage locker
  • Collect and travel to pick up used, donated equipment year-round for Gear Sale
  • On Gear Day sale, coordinate volunteers for transport of storage locker contents to sale site (at least 3 cars/trucks are needed). Organize items for sale. After sale, re-pack everything and return to storage locker. This usually is the day after the Gear Sale since GHATD runs late and the locker is closed by the time the Gear Sale is completed. At least 2 cards are needed to bring everything back to the locker.
  • Maintain complete sets of player gear, which stay in the storage locker and are used for GHATD loans

Recruitment Coordinator

  • Using all resources (board members, league members), coordinate recruitment efforts

GHATD Coordinator

  • Advertise event on Facebook, Craigslist, and by disseminating PDF poster to the league members
  • Encourage and tabulate loaner gear, including goalie gear
  • Support Gear Sale, if possible, for that date
  • Tabulate signups and coordinate with list of loaned gear, recruiting more gear as needed
  • Recruit Head Coach and On-Ice Coaches, as well as goalie coach and shooters, scrimmage bench coaches, and photographer
  • Maintain inventory of souvenir items (pucks, water bottles, etc.), reordering as needed
  • Coordinate the day itself:
    • Volunteers
    • Coaches
    • Ice rink employees
    • Tryers
    • Goalie tryers
    • Collect payments