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Wednesday, June 3, 7- 8:30 pm
Feeling Benched? Rediscover your inner resilience during times of uncertainty and chaos

When you are on the bench, anger, frustration, and sadness permeate your body. It is difficult to focus, be supportive of your replacement, and be mentally prepared for when you’re called back into the game.

Outside the rink, the COVID-19 pandemic can make us feel emotionally or physically benched in our work and personal lives. This self-reflective workshop leverages mindfulness concepts and Lean problem-solving skills to strengthen your mental game. You will participate in activities to help you take charge of your next step whether you are in the defensive, neutral, or offensive zone – or even if you don’t know what zone you are in!

Jenn Chan is a management consultant and coach who leverages mindfulness-based thinking to help clients break down and solve complex business problems. She specializes in Lean A3 Thinking and leads organizational initiatives to help advance a culture of continuous improvement at UCSF.

Kai Stowers is an Organization Development leader enabling breakthrough organizational and personal transformation by empowering leaders to gain greater self-awareness and leading teams through the most challenging conversations to strengthen and deepen motivation, performance, and results.

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